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We know that following Jesus means literally getting up off the couch to love people in person. If kindness in action, not just words, appeals to you, get in touch.

Sounding Good so Far

Youth Ministry

It’s our passion to see youth ministers killin’ it in their roles serving the youth in Philly. We provide training and support to make sure they get the encouragement and backup they need.

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Meet Anthem

Jacob King

I embarrass my wife (preferably in public) and can’t quite figure out if I'm still a Slim Shady wannabe or a grown up with a mini van. Having kids call me "Dad" makes me lean towards the latter, but my Eminem tattoo keeps me guessing.

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Megan Mastrioanni

If I could get paid for hiking up big ol’ mountains, I would. I love to cook (but couldn’t tell you the last time that happened) and I'd do anything for a bet, except if it involves birds because I'm afraid they'll nest in my hair.

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Abbey Gutowski

I'm a former D1 field hockey player who likes putting on events and making dope videos. I'm 24, about the size of your 12 year old sister, and an Amy Poehler Doppelganger.

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